I scored and excellent fare from Oklahoma City (OKC) to San Francisco (SFO) with a redeye return home. Total price paid was $205 on American Airlines. Not bad for a trip to the left coast.

Nike Missile Site

While on the west coast, I rented a car and went up on Saturday morning. It was the first Saturday of the month, so the Nike Missile site was open. So I drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to Golden Gate NRA to visit the Nike Missile Site.

Silicon Valley

This was my first visit to Silicon Valley. Working in IT, I have used plenty of the products found on the side of buildings out in the south bay area. I visited all the companies from Oracle to Juniper, Intel, Cisco, Facebook, Apple, and of course, NASA.

Coastline and Monterey

Also took a trip down the coastline, ending near Monterrey at Sunset. The coast is beautiful, and not much beats a sunset over the Pacific. I also stopped by the Laguna Seca raceway, but it was very dark unfortunately.

San Francisco

Spent Sunday driving around the bay and ending in San Francisco. There is some amazing photography to do on a Sunday evening when parking is a little easier than usual. Also got to drive across the Bay Bridge.